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Parking downtown is easier than ever. If you’re looking for the added convenience of downtown parking, consider purchasing a parking permit. Purchasing a permit takes less than 5 minutes in person or online. If you are purchasing 4 or more permits, please give advance notice by calling (231) 922-0241 or emailing us at An employee will be available to assist you in person or by phone 7 AM-10 PM Monday through Saturday and 8 AM-6 PM on Sundays.

Permits are valid in designated permit lots Monday-Friday 7 AM-4 PM and overnight. 

Permit Auto-renewals (billed to credit/debit card on file)

Renewing your permit and keeping it active is easier than ever with permit auto-renewals. By purchasing an auto-renewable permit in month-to-month or annual increments, you can save a credit/debit card to you account to automatic billing and payment. You will receive a renewal notification letter 3 days before your card is charged. After the charge is processed, you will receive a receipt letter. All letters are sent via email only.

Garage Permits

  • Valid for Larry C. Hardy and Old Town Parking Garage or Old Town Parking Garage only
  • You may purchase up to 12 months at a time.
  • Permits are non-refundable, any may not be loaned, sold, or otherwise transferred in any manner.
  • Garage permits are not valid in surface lots.
  • Hands-free access is available via AVI (automated vehicle identification) permit hangtag.

Downtown Surface Lots

  • Valid for surface lots T and V.
  • You may purchase up to 12 months at a time.
  • Permits are non-refundable, and may not be loaned, sold, or otherwise transferred in any manner.

A waitlist is implemented when permit sale thresholds are reached. Click here to add yourself to the waitlist or check your current position on the waitlist.

Visit the Parking Rates page for more information on permits rates.

Purchasing a Parking Permit

Before purchasing a parking permit we suggest reviewing our permit parking program and Parking Permit Map.

You can also download the forms below and email to our office so we can expedite your permit purchase:

For Parking Related Questions, please contact us.


Where can I park with my surface permit?

Your surface permit is honored in any of our designated surface permit lots.

I have a garage permit. Where can I park?

Two types of garage permits are available for purchase: 1) Hardy & Old Town – permit is available for use in both the Hardy and the Old Town parking garages, and 2) Old Town – permit is available for use in the Old Town parking garage only.

Do I have to display my permit when I park?

Yes. Your permit must be displayed at all times when parking in the surface lots and in the parking garages. Please ensure your permit number is facing your windshield.

Do you offer discount rates on permits, or discounts for buying multiple permits?

Unfortunately, a discount is not available for permits. Permits are sold monthly, and you may purchase up to 12 months at a time.

I purchased an annual permit, and will not need it over the summer. Do you offer refunds?

No. Permits are non-refundable. You can transfer them to another individual.

I lost my AVI (automated vehicle identification) hangtag to access the garage. How do I obtain a new one?

The replacement cost of an AVI tag is $10. The lost permit will be deactivated and marked as lost. The existing time purchased will be transferred to the new hangtag. You will need to purchase the replacement AVI hangtag at our office.

What hours are permit lots enforced?

Permit lots are enforced Monday-Friday 7 AM-4 PM.  These lots are open to the public after 4pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

“Parking by Permit Mon-Fri 7 AM-4 PM” Do I have to pay?

If you are parking after 4 PM Monday-Friday or anytime on the weekends, you do not need to pay and may park in these lots for FREE.

My permit or bike locker has expired, do you give a grace period?

Grace periods are not offered for permits or bike lockers. You will need to renew prior to or on the date of expiration. If your permit has expired, you permits or bike locker are restricted to a waitlist, you will forfeit your renewal eligibility.

May I give my access card to another person for use?

Parking permits are non-transferrable. Per local ordinance 480.05 Access controlled parking facilities …any person to whom an access control device is assigned may employ the device to gain access to a public parking facility only if he or she is an occupant of the entering vehicle, and further that no person shall permit more than one vehicle, admitted by the same access control device, to be parked in a public parking facility at the same time.

What information is required to obtain a parking permit?

Per local ordinance 485.03 Required information for obtaining a parking permit. In order to be eligible for a parking permit, the following shall be supplied by the registered vehicle owner: 1) Motor vehicle registration issued by the State of Michigan Secretary of State’s Office, 2) Other relevant information requested to verify eligibility.


What is a waitlist?

The waitlist is implemented when the permits or bike locker sale thresholds are reached. Any individual who would like to be considered once space is available is encouraged to add themselves to the list.

How is the waitlist managed?

Sign-up is based on request date and space is awarded based on the oldest request date.

Is the waitlist available in the Parking Portal?

Yes, you can add yourself to the waitlist, view your position and cancel you request on the portal.

Will I be notified when a space is available?

Yes, we will notify you through the email on your account as this is the fastest communication method. Be sure to mark emails from as “safe” to avoid being sent to spam.

You will have 14 days from the award date to respond and purchase your permit or bike locker. Failure to respond within the award period will result in forfeiting your waitlist position, and you will need to be re-added to the waitlist.