May 30 update

Online Payment Portal

Our online payment portal for permit purchases and citation payments now offers payment by Discover and American Express in addition to Visa and MasterCard.

Permit Auto-renewals

Month-to-month surface permit holders are eligible to save a credit card profile to their account for auto-renewal. Transitioning to auto-renewals, will eliminate having to renew in-person at the office or over the phone each month and obtaining a new permit. Permits setup for auto-renewal will automatically renew each month by charging the credit card on file, and you keep the same permit. Permits will remain on auto-renewal until they are cancelled.

Month-to-month garage permit holders are eligible for auto-renewal. The new permit that is auto-renewed will be replaced on the equipment is installed and online in the fall. The new permit will allow for hands-free access through handsfree access using AVI (automated vehicle identification) technology similar to highway toll tags.

How do I request a permit for auto-renewal?
1) You must have an active credit card profile on your account. You can add a profile by coming to the office so staff may help or you can add a profile through the online portal.
2) You will be issued a new permit that will not have an expiration date. Your credit card profile will be linked to the permit. Garage permits have the option to go through the online portal, but surface permits must do this in-office or over the phone as they are only available to existing permit holders with an eligible status.
3) You will receive a reminder upcoming charge letter via email 7 days before your credit card is charged. If you do not plan to renew, you will need to cancel your credit card profile to terminate your renewal.
4) Your credit card will be charged 2 days prior to the expiration date, and you will receive a emailed receipt. If your card was not charged and you wish remain permit eligible, you can pay the balance prior to expiration in-office or over the phone.
5) The monthly renewal process steps 3-4 will continue each month until terminated. Permits are non-refundable, and auto-renewals should be terminated prior to being charged. Lost/stolen permits are available for replacement at the current rate.

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April 18 update

New equipment changes are coming to both the Hardy and Old Town Parking Structures. The equipment improvements will allow for new software enhancements that will benefit all parkers.

Overall changes for all parkers

Both Hardy and Old Town Parking Structure will 1) no longer be accepted cash payments in-lane. All cash payments will be accepted via pay-on-foot devices in the pedestrian star towers, 2) all exits will accept credit card payments, 3) permits purchased online will be immediately available for use via a QR code on the receipt, and 4) fee schedules will calculate based on a rolling 24-hour period.

The Hardy Parking Structure will have a ground floor traffic circulation shift from clock-wise to counter-clockwise, and the south entrance and exit off of State Street will change from British-style to conform with two-way traffic on State Street.

Enhancements for permit holders

All permit parkers will have the option to 1) setup a card on-file for monthly auto-renewals, 2) auto-renewals will have the option for AVI (toll road like tags) tags for hands-free access, and 3) access to generate their permit number to a QR code for temporary access.

Enhancements for businesses

Businesses will be able to validation parking for employees and customers by 1) applying validation directly to hourly ticket through a website, or 2) generating and printing QR codes from the website. Validation payments may be accepted online.

Businesses using shared accounts will be able to 1) manage permits that have access within their permit threshold, and 2) have the option to allow for hourly overages when employees exceed their permit threshold. 

Hardy Parking Structure Traffic Circulation Modifications